Django - Adding Bootstrap Theme

In the last tutorial, I explained how we can add bootstrap in the Django with static files. In this tutorial, we will download and add the bootstrap theme in our project.

Step1: Move Static data to the static folder. 

The first thing to do is to find all static data of the HTML theme and move that to your static directory. Static data contain JS, CSS, SCSS, images and etc. 

Step2: Move HTML to Template Folder

Move HTML files to your Template folder. Move only those files which you need, If your theme template contains an HTML file with header, footer, menubar or sidebar then move that only, and keep other safes for later use.

Step3: Configure Static links in HTML files.

Configure all static links in your HTML files with the help of the last tutorial. 


I have added a video for this which explains in more detail how to add a theme.


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